Pain Free Static WordPress Hosting

SpudPress magically takes a snapshot of your website and creates an identical static copy to host instead.

It's Cheaper

Don't pay for expensive hosting you don't need! We're also the most cost-effective option for high-traffic websites.

It's Faster

Slow database queries are removed. Everything gets cached and served via a CDN.

It's More Secure

Visitors only have access to a static copy of your site. Your actual site is safely secured.

The Awesome Benefits of going static with SpudPress

How does SpudPress work? Think and build with the benefits of static in mind


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You can use FTP (easy way) or Git (advance way) to transfer your WordPress site to SpudPress.

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Watch us magically turn your WordPress site into a static one.

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Sit back and pat yourself on the back. Congratulations!

Dead-Simple Pricing Easy to use, powerful, ready for the enterprise, and competitive pricing.

Competitors / WPEngine
  • 0 months free
  • Expensive
  • Forced breaking WP updates
  • Up to only ~100k visitors/mo (more is extra)
  • Visitor count doesn't even support burst traffic intervals
  • CDN is additional cost and only for assets
  • Complicated tiers and setups
  • Only 20gb storage
$20/mo 1 Price Fits All
  • Your first month free
  • 1 site
  • Full nightly backups
  • Email help and support
  • Super-fast distributed CDN
  • No restrictions on visitors
  • No restrictions on pageviews
  • 50GB bandwidth included ($0.1 per additional GB)
Custom Setup / Amazon
  • 0 months free
  • Extremely complicated overhead for simple WordPress sites
  • Tons of configuration for simple access
  • CDN is separate and setdown manaully
  • Expensive load balancing
  • Storage is extra and separate