What is static hosting?

In simple terms, a static website is just a bunch of plain old files. There’s no PHP code or even a database to manage. The website is simply .html files and assets (like images and stylesheets) on a server for people to view.

Static websites are awesome because there’s little security vulnerabilities, they’re extremely easy to host and scale, and maintaining them is easy as cake.

For this reason, a trend amongst new/hip/cool Content Management Systems is to take a “static-first” approach; however, using these have a bit of learning curve to them, usually always require a developer to enter content, and lack the support and familiarity that WordPress has.

SpudPress essentially turns WordPress into a static CMS. We automatically take snapshots of your WordPress setup in real-time and create an identical static copy to host to the public instead. Your actual WordPress setup isn’t even public.

Wait, can't I just set this up myself?

Experienced server admins absolutely can. We just make it pain free and easy.

You get automatic and real-time static snapshots, your website automatically deployed to a high-availability and fast CDN, nightly back-ups, and more.

Can I really stop worrying about WordPress updates?

Constantly annoying WordPress security updates and maintenance is a thing of the past with SpudPress.

Your actual WordPress install isn’t even publicly available – only the static copy is. The beauty of this means that even if there’s insecure code from the WordPress core or a very poorly written third-party plugin, it doesn’t matter.

Ever update a WordPress plugin or the core and have things break left and right? You don’t have to deal with that anymore. You only have to update when you want to (new functionality, etc.). This means you can let your clients site sit safely with us and not have to worry about seeing it broken in 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

How much traffic can you handle?

By design, static hosting is extremely scalable. We’re architected to handle huge amounts of traffic. You can very comfortably know your site isn’t going to break if you get on the front-page of reddit, Hacker News, or CNN.

If you have a high-traffic website or want to inquire about specific details, please contact us.

Is the static site really automatically updated?

Yep! We automatically refresh the static site whenever a file or database change occurs.

On most sites, this whole process takes less than 2 minutes – from updating the static site to refreshing the content across our entire CDN.

The site refreshes intelligently so if you for example just edited a page we will only refresh that page instead of the entire website.

Can I still use plugins?

Yes, you can still use plugins with SpudPress.

Want that cool Advanced Custom Fields, Google Analytics, and SEO plugin on your website? Go ahead and use it.

So long that you’re not using a plugin like with public facing dynamic components (MemberPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, etc.), you can use the plugin to customize your CMS to your liking.

How secure is this setup?

There’s an elephant in the room regarding WordPress and security. As popular and supported as it is, vulnerabilities leak all the time. If you don’t constantly update your site, you’re getting hacked.

WordPress plugins are inherently insecure. They’re literally other people’s code (that could be very poorly written) your allowing to run on your website. WordPress plugins require constant amount of maintenance just to keep up with WordPress updates too. If a plugin author stops updating, your site might break and become vulnerable.

With SpudPress, this isn’t a problem since the actual WordPress install isn’t public facing at all. Nothing is impossible to hack, but all the common attack vectors that constantly get WordPress hacked and attacked are removed from the equation with SpudPress.

Do you guys do nightly backups?

Yes! We have do nightly backups and keep the backups saved for 30 days.

If you need to restore, please contact us. We’ll be adding one-click restore soon!

What is your SLA?

For your static copy, SpudPress offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Lost time is refunded back to your account at the hourly rate incurred.

Do you offer SSH access?

We currently don’t offer SSH access. You probably like it for various reasons and are considering adding it in the future, but right now we don’t support it.

If you’re even looking into this question, we recommend that you start developing locally with a Vagrant stack like Scotch Box and use our Git Deployment setup. Scotch Box will let you do cool things like use WP-CLI and more. Our Git Deployments allow you to very quickly updated code.

What things won't work if I choose static hosting?

Static CMS’s are without a doubt the future of content management. There’s some things to consider though when using SpudPress.

Your public facing site won’t have any dynamic components to run off of. Everything is a “snapshot” of the outputted website. This means your PHP functions and server-side scripts aren’t going to work.

If you personally don’t have dynamic PHP scripts running, maybe your plugins do. You need to keep in mind which ones will work and which ones won’t. Some common things that won’t work are:

A Good rule of thumb is if there’s a form field, it probably won’t work. Many developers will build WordPress sites with “static-in-mind” so that this isn’t a problem. This approach we recommend.

Where are your CDN's PoPs (Points of Presence)?

Our CDN provider currently has 17 PoPs spread over the world. 10 PoPs in North America, 6 in Europe and 1 in Asia.

Do you guys support Multisite?

We currently don’t support Multisite setups. This feature is coming soon.